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Tartoos for Pumpers

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How it works?  Tartoos takes the clock face idea in a new and fun direction by making it possible for people with diabetes, or the parents of children with diabetes, to “tattoo” the abdomen and other injection areas with small images that are spaced one inch apart. Tartoos are printed on a 3.5 X 4.5 inch sheet with a removable clear plastic face and a paper backing that will pull away from the images when thoroughly wetted with a cloth for about 30 seconds.

Recommendations and Precautions

1) Never apply a Tartoos injection site management grid to skin that is broken or irritated.
2) It is recommended that application of a Tartoos temporary tattoo grid be spaced at least two (2) inches from the naval for proper injection site management.
3) Trim Tartoos grid to fit body size or injection need.
4) Ensure all temporary tattoo ink is removed before injection is administered.
5) Remove temporary tattoo with antiseptic agent suggested by medical practitioner.
6) Do not scrub with soap and water an area that a Tartoos injection site grid is applied.
7) Never administer an injection through a Tartoos temporary tattoo image.
8) After all Tartoos images have been utilized, place a new injection management grid on a different viable injection space (i.e. opposite side of abdomen, leg etc.) to ensure proper injection site rotation. Adhere to suggested site rotation pattern from medical practitioner.
9) Check with a physician before the initiation of a Tartoos injection management program.

To Remove Tattoo/Prepare Site: Utilize antiseptic agent recommended by physician.

Products posted on the site not manufactured by the Insulet Corporation are considered related items that can be used with insulin pump therapy. The Insulet Corporation nor Bayshore Specialty Rx endorse any of these products directly. These recommendations have been shared by customers whose needs, preferences and situations may differ from yours. Discuss these products with your healthcare provider prior to trial.