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The ECO-POD Program

Learn about an Earth-friendly way to dispose of your Pods.

You help to take care of your health with the Omnipod® Insulin management system and now you can help take care of the planet with the Eco-Pod Program.

This program comes at no cost to you, but can help us have a positive impact on our environment. The Eco-Pod Program is the first industry program for the environmentally safe disposal of insulin pump components. By returning your used Pods to be recycled through the pre-paid program, you can help minimize landfill and remove hazardous waste right out of the waste stream.

The Eco-Pod Program is a natural extension the Omnipod® mission: “to make the management of diabetes a smaller part of everyday life.” The goal is to enable customers to dispose of their insulin Pods in an environmentally sound way, making diabetes a smaller part of our environment. We can succeed by working together!

How does the insulin delivery Pod disposal program work?

Just return your used Pods using the pre-paid envelope provided by the Eco-Pod Program and the rest is taken care of!

The Omnipod® Eco-Pod Program is a quick, easy and effective way for you to help our environment. To learn more about the Eco-Pod Program or to request a Pod disposal kit, please call our Customer Loyalty Team at 1-866-418-3392.

Together, we can make a positive difference on our environment.