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Jerry the Bear

  • $5775

Teddy bear comfort meets tech-world innovation. Built by Sproutel Toy Company, Jerry is a new-age teaching tool for children with Type 1 diabetes who simulates what it’s like to have the chronic illness. And he’s cute and cuddly

The story-driven Jerry, complete with 21 e-books include adventures with Jerry’s friends — glucose and insulin — encourages engagement between child and toy.Jerry comes with a free app, 21 interactive e-books, e-tools (pen/pump/glucometer), and 8 injection sites. These stories correlate to learning a new diabetes lesson and are “unlocked” when a child successfully completes a management task. 

Jerry is not only a teaching tool for the child with Type 1 but also for the entire family and even extended community.

  • Jerry is 15″ tall
  • Jerry weighs 10oz
  • Ages 4 to 9+
  • Accessories are all virtual and are only available through the free app
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