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Pump Now Pay Later Program - Omnipod Edition  Terms, Agreement and Subscription

Pump Now Pay Later Program - Omnipod Edition Terms, Agreement and Subscription

  • $100

This program is only available to Ontario and Group C clients.


By paying the $1.00 Deposit you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

I hereby agree by subscribing to the Pump Now Pay LaterTM Program - Omnipod Edition to pay Diabetes ExpressTM, o/b Bayshore Specialty Rx Ltd., in full, and without delay for my delivered supplies sent by Diabetes ExpressTM  on the 80th calendar day after shipment.  

I authorize Diabetes ExpressTM, to charge my balance using the payment method I provided at the time of enrollment to the program for the initial shipment and for every automatic shipment thereafter. For clarity, I further agree for Diabetes ExpressTM to automatically bill my credit card for the full amount owing on the account via the credit card provided on the 80th calendar day after my order has shipped.   I understand and accept no other notifications prior to or after the automatic billing will be provided by Diabetes ExpressTM .

I understand and accept if I should request another order before the 80th calendar day, the order will be required to be paid in full prior to shipping.  I also understand that any orders placed in between the auto-shipments will not halt, change, amend the subscription quantity of products or the amount due.  To cancel the subscription, contact Diabetes ExpressTM , a minimum of 5 (five) business days prior to the next shipment.  The account balance will be due the day of cancellation in full.

I also agree and understand that Diabetes ExpressTM, o/b Bayshore Specialty Rx Ltd., does not accept pre-paid credit cards and I confirm that the one provided does not fall within that category.

Request for change of charge card

I hereby agree to notify and provide my new payment information before the due date and shipment of my next order to Diabetes ExpressTM, unless otherwise, Diabetes ExpressTM is not liable for any charges to credit cards on file.

Lost/Stolen cards

I hereby agree to immediately contact Diabetes ExpressTM,  in the case my card has been lost, stolen, compromised or replaced  and provide my new payment method to Diabetes ExpressTM,  before the due date in order to continue on the Pump now Pay Later ProgramTM


Failure to pay

If the auto-billing of the credit card declines Diabetes ExpressTM will notify via phone or email on the 80th day, or whichever day the transaction was not approved. I understand that failure to contact  Diabetes ExpressTM, may result in my order not being released and I may not be eligible at any time to rejoin the program. Diabetes ExpressTM will provide one business day grace period for the account to be cleared by phone during business hours.  If payment is not provided within the one business day grace period Diabetes ExpressTM, may and will remove the account from the program, with no guarantee of rejoining. No orders will be released until the account is in good standing.

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