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Ezy-fit Case

  • $3639

From Diabete-ezy™, the Ezy-fit Case can carry all of your daily diabetes items in one case.

Outer case is made of a durable, easy to clean material and comes with an optional lanyard loop handle

Inside features different sized pockets and elastic straps to hold everything in place and make items easily accessible

Two built-in hook and loop patches make the case easily customizable to fit most meters

Dimensions: 8x5.75x1.5” Weight: 8.7oz empty

Available in Metallic Blue, Lime Green, and Watermelon Pink

  • Includes housing for record book, pen, personalized management plan, 2 x pen needles, Test-wipes dispenser, BG meter, lancet device, test strips, needle tip refills, and lancets.


Usage Information: Items shown within the Fit case are not included in the price.

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