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3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film WIpes

3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film WIpes

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Box of 30

What It Is: A sting-free, alcohol-free wipe that coats your skin with a fast-drying liquid barrier film that protects the skin.

What It Does:
Simple smooth the wipe over your skin to instantly protect intact or damaged skin from urine, feces, other body fluids, tape trauma and friction. This hypoallergenic, non-cytotoxic liquid film will provide up to 72 hours of protection, making this a cost effective treatment. It uses a non-petrolatum base to allow the skin to breathe and continue to heal any wounds.

What Is Included:
3M Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film Wipes (30 Wipes)

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