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KEDZ Covers

  • $2098

Colorful, reusable, and durable covers for your Next-Generation OmniPod®


  • The decorative covers are completely reusable
  • The covers are made from Polypropylene plastic.  This plastic is flexible and will not break when snapping the cover on or off the pod.
  • The decorative pod cover weighs .02 oz making it unnoticeable when wearing it.
  • The covers are completely waterproof and will not come off during bathing, swimming or activity.  Water does not collect under the cover.
  • The decorative covers do not interfere with the function of the pod.


  • How do I attach the decorative cover to the POD?  Simply snap the decorative cover over the pod.  The tabs on the sides of the cover will secure it to the pod (see the demonstration video). 
  • How do I remove the cover from the pod?  We recommend removing the decorative cover at the time of a pod change after removing the pod from the body. (see demonstration video).
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