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Germs be Gone Hand Sanitizer

  • $6468


  • Specifically used for hand cleaning to decrease bacteria on skin whenever soap and water hand washing is not readily available
  • Each bottle contains 66% ethyl alcohol to help prevent cross-contamination of bacteria that potentially can cause disease or infection
  • Our instant hand sanitizer has demonstrated effectiveness for the kill reductions of Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, and Aspergillus Niger
  • Made in Canada

Recommended for repeated use, with no rinsing required and comes with Aloe Vera to provide dryness protection.

Registered with Health Canada under the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products

Please note:

  • Due to the fact that sanitizers are considered a dangerous good for transportation according to Transport Canada, they will be shipped via ground.
  • Orders with both medical supplies and sanitizer will be split to ensure you receive the medical supplies via the standard method.
  • You will receive two tracking numbers as well and be able to track where each part of your order is.

Diabetes Express has sourced hand sanitizers upon request from our clients.  Our cost on all hand sanitizers due to COVID has gone up, but we are doing our best to continue to source great products and make them available to those who need them.  


  • These items are not billable through any government plan or private insurance.
  • If you add these products along with medical supplies and checkout requesting for Diabetes Express bill your government plan or private insurance - Diabetes Express will process your supplies through our one of our national pharmacies & bill your credit card on file for the balance due including your co-pay (if applicable)
  • If there is no credit card is on file - we will process only what is covered in terms of supplies and cancel the remaining part of your order. We will then kindly request that you place another order - and pay via credit card. Thank you for your understanding.
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