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Free CONTOUR NEXT Meter + 100 NEXT Strips

Free CONTOUR NEXT Meter + 100 NEXT Strips

  • $7898

Included in this bundle:

  • 1 Box of 100 Bayer NEXT CONTOUR strips
  • 1 Bayer NEXT CONTOUR meter

Accuracy you can trust

Industry standards have an acceptable error range of ±15%1 to lab results. Bayer's CONTOUR® NEXT meter gives an even more accurate reading, within ±10%2 to lab results. Next generation accuracy with Bayer's CONTOUR® NEXT test strip *When compared to Bayer's CONTOUR® meter and strips

Other features include:

  • Self-guided for an easy testing experience
  • Simple, plain language messages with no codes or abbreviations
  • Second-Chance® sampling lets you reapply blood to the same strip when the first sample is not enough
  • Fasting, pre- and post-meal markers with audible reminders
  • More tracking knowledge with 7-, 14-, 30- and 90-day averages of your blood glucose levels
  • Fast, 5-second countdown with small sample size – 0.6 µL
  • Stores up to 800 test results 14 different language options
  • Illuminated display allows you to view results in the dark
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